January 2022 Squash Tournament

January 2022 Squash Tournament

Nottingham Squash Club, Tattershall Drive, Nottingham NG7 1BX

Session: January 2022 Squash Tournament

28-01-2022 at 16:00
28-01-2022 at 19:00

Paul Pollett Squash Tournament January 2022!

The competition for the Paul Pollett Squash Trophy, which this year will be a tournament for individual squash players, will be held over the afternoon and evening of Friday 28th January 2022 at Nottingham Squash Club, The Park, Nottingham. The tournament will commence at 4.00pm and run until 7.00pm. It will be followed by a celebration curry at The Laguna, one of Nottingham’s finer Indian dining establishments.


The Rules of the Tournament are as follows:-


1.      The Tournament is open to members of Nottinghamshire Law Society and to employees of such members working from offices in Nottinghamshire.


2.      Subject to Rule 3, the rules of the Squash Rackets Association will apply.


3.     The Tournament will follow either a League or Knockout format, to be determined in the discretion of the Tournament Referee, played to matches consisting of the best of three games to which English scoring will apply.


4.      Any dispute relating to the interpretation of these Rules, of eligibility to participate, play of games or otherwise howsoever shall be referred to the Tournament Referee acting as expert and not as arbitrator and whose decision shall be conclusive and binding on the parties.


5.      The Referee’s decision shall be final.


The Nottinghamshire Law Society sponsor the event, which includes the cost of courts and the provision of light refreshments. 


The Organiser and Tournament Referee reserve the right to refuse any such application in their absolute discretion.

Following on from the Tournament, competitors and spectators are invited to join us for a curry at Laguna, 43 Mount Street, Nottingham NG1 6HE. Full details of the curry banquet and price will be available soon.

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