How to win more business by changing your 'sales' mindset

How to win more business by changing your 'sales' mindset

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Session: How to win more business by changing your ‘sales’ mindset - Zoom Webinar

19-04-2023 at 13:00
19-04-2023 at 14:00

LIVE! and completely FREE to attend: Best-selling author and experienced business trainer, Fred Copestake, will share practical insights into how legal professionals and business development teams stay relevant and valuable.

This workshop is brand new and addresses the challenges that many people responsible for business development have, based on what Fred has identified from working with clients all over the world.

Many professionals struggle to adapt their approach to one that is effective today. With some seeing increased use of technology and automation as a miracle solution. As a result, they are running a risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers.

Being ‘salesy’ doesn’t work - a collaborative approach does.

The insights shared have been collated from working with thousands of salespeople in different environments and through studying the evolution of professional selling.

Fred answers the questions:

- Why can winning business be so tiring and stressful?

- Why are so many approaches ‘backwards’ and boring for customers?

- Why do firms create confusion in their business development activity?

You should attend if:

- You are involved in business development and find your approach isn’t working as well as used to

- You feel like you are wasting opportunities that should be won

- You use a highly technical approach that doesn’t always wow customers

- You are frustrated that you can’t keep customers engaged through the process

- You are fed up with always having to discount to win business

- You want peace of mind that your business development plan will work

- You frightened that the pace of change in the world is too fast

- You are concerned your competitors are doing something different but don't know what

Every participant will be given access to a tool that provides a report on the state of your business development compared to an effective modern approach

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