Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Rothera Sharp,
2 Kayes Walk,
Stoney Street,
Contact Name: Richard Hammond
Phone: 0800 046 3075
Fax: 0115 910 6265

Additonal Information

Rothera Sharp’s qualified Notary Richard Hammond can authenticate or witness certificates and documents for overseas legal transactions.

You will need a Notary when:

• Documents will be used in another country

• Documents require legalisation

• Translations of documents will be used in another country

• Buying property abroad

• Litigating in foreign courts

• Lost passport, birth certificates and change of name certificates

• Education certificates to be used abroad

• Sponsorship & immigration forms

• Marriage certificates & confirmation of single status

Fees for Notarial services are laid down by the Notaries Society and further advice on costs can be given by calling us on 0800 088 6280.