Kenneth Curtis - Bulwell
Kenneth Curtis - Bulwell

Kenneth Curtis - Bulwell

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96 Main Street,
Contact Name: Kenneth Curtis
Phone: 0115 9647740

Additonal Information

Kenneth Curtis is a Notary Public based in Nottingham. He offers a full range of Notarial Services to personal and business clients throughout Nottinghamshire.

What services does a Notary provide?

A Notary, or Notary Public, can authenticate or witness most documents. A Notary can also arrange legalisation or obtain Apostilles, if needed. You will often require the services of a Notary Public when you have documents which are needed to be used abroad. The Notary's signature and seal will verify to the authorities in that country that any relevant checks have been carried out and that the document has been properly signed.

What is Legalisation or Apostille?

Many countries also require notarised documents to be legalised. Legalisation is a double check to make sure that the notaries' signature is genuine and recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Documents may also be checked by foreign embassies to make sure that the Notary's signature matches the one on their records. The requirement for this will depend on the foreign country involved. Once the authenticity of the signature is confirmed a certificate is attached, called an "Apostille".

What identification does a Notary Public require?

Following the implementation of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, notaries are now obliged to keep sufficient evidence on their files of the identity and the address of all their clients before they undertake any work.

Making an Appointment

It is not uncommon to need the services of a Notary at short notice. Appointments can be made during office hours by calling us on 0800 056 6042 or via email at

What does it cost?

An early indication of the costs can usually be given in advance. Please tell the notary the following:

  • What service you need - witnessing signatures, certifying copy documents, obtaining Apostille etc
  • The type of documents concerned - for instance is it a Power of Attorney that you need witnessing
  • Who is signing or presenting the documents - are they personal papers or for a Company?
  • How many documents are there?
  • Which country they are to go to.

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on the complexity, your appointment would take between 20 minutes to an hour.