Obituary: Stewart Pattinson 1927-2019

Written By: Christopher Hodson
Edition: May 2019

Stewart Pattinson was born in October 1927 and died in Good Friday, 19th April 2019, aged 91 years.:

Stewart was a larger than life character who, from his early rugger days through to his life in the law, showed a zest for life, entering wholeheartedly into all that he did. I first came to know  Stewart when the three Nottingham legal practices of Maples and McCraith, Perry, Parr and Ford, and Rothera Sons and Langham amalgamated in1970 to form Rotheras. At the time, such  an amalgamation was one of the largest in Nottingham. Stewart played an instrumental part in the amalgamation as one of the Partners of Rothera Sons and Langham.I was a recently qualified solicitor with Perry, Parr and Ford.

I came to know Stewart as a Colleague and Partner over the years following the amalgamation and experienced his friendship, enthusiasm and tremendous sense of humour. His main area of work was conveyancing but, as with most of us in those days he turned his hand to whatever his Clients required. He was a good lawyer and always treated his Clients with courtesy and kindness, which was perhaps as well, given that he surrounded himself with a team of assistants to help him whlst he indulged himself in his other passion - local politics. He was on the Notts County Council and also a local Councillor. He held the office of either Chair or Vice Chair of the Conservative Group on Notts County Council - I can't remember which one  , but it was certainly one of them.

Despite his time away from the office, neither his work nor his Clients suffered. Amazingly, into this mix he held the office of Managing Partner in the firm and nearly always got things right! He initiated a system of word processing precedents for conveyances, transfers, leases and wills, which at the time was quite innovative.

He was honoured by the Society by being elected President for 1976/7 and his year of office was, as one would expect, a good, social and fulfilling one. He retired from legal practice in the 1990s but continued to maintain his interest in both the firm and the Society. My last meeting with him was at the Past Presidents ' Christmas lunch in 2017. He still maintained his sense of humour and sharpness of thought despite being confined to a wheelchair.

He was married to Bridget for many years and they holidayed in the South of France most years until her untimely death. They had two children, Michael and Fiona, of both of whom, Stewart was immensely and justifiably proud. Some time after Bridget 'a death, Stewart married again, marrying Liz Coupe, by whom he is survived together with his children. Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time but they will, I hope, be comforted by the fact that their husband and father was a true gentleman, well liked for his kindness, generosity and sense of fun.

Christopher Hodson