Blog by Solicitor Mum!

Written By: Solicitor Mum
Edition: April 2019

I am writing this before the Nottinghamshire Law Society’s Annual Dinner has happened.  It is always a great event and one I always really look forward to.  Note to self for next year: I must sort out what dress I am going to wear more than a few days in advance.

During my time as a solicitor I have been fortunate enough to attend and often been well entertained at a fair few black-tie events which have taught me several valuable lessons which I am happy to share with you.

Try not to accept too much liquid hospitality –particularly before taking any solids- but if you fail…

• When introduced to a barrister who is a QC, don’t poke him in the chest declaring that he is far too young to be a QC and repeatedly insist on the same. (Apparently when the QCs are starting to look young, it actually means you are getting old!);

• Regardless of how funny it may seem the first time, try to avoid repeating your jokes over and over again. (Apparently other people find this a bit tedious);

• If you catch your heel in the back of your dress and fall; try to be caught by someone new. (I once attended the same function 2 years running and was caught mid fall by the same person both times. I swear he thought I had done it on purpose like some strange courting ritual. (Unfortunately, my dress was a tiny bit too long and despite having a year between events I hadn’t gotten around to getting it turned up.);

• If you insist that your friend texts you when she gets home, so you can check she is safe, don’t fall asleep before she texts.

By the time you read this, the event will have happened, I do hope I took notice of these lessons and had a lovely but sensible evening, waking up the following morning as fresh as a daisy and without wondering whether I owe anyone an apology!