Estate Administration: Risks and Rewards

Estate Administration: Risks and Rewards

Written By: Estate Research
Edition: October 2020

Scenario: ‘Should I verify the family tree?’

“We paid out 50% of the intestate estate to the descendants of the two known aunts of the Deceased and kept the rest for the two missing aunts, or their descendants. When we began to look for the two missing uncles it became clear there were, in fact, many more beneficiaries than the clients had suggested. We had to try to reclaim nearly £100,000 from the known beneficiaries, including our client.”


Solution: Free Family Tree Check

At Estate Research we are constantly completing free family tree checks for solicitors who want to avoid post-distribution issues. More and more solicitors are now approaching us even earlier, often pre-probate application, to make sure that they have a clear and correct picture of the family tree. This helps you to complete the PA1A and PA1P forms correctly, avoiding the possibility of having to revoke the Grant at a later date. This also helps to avoid risks of errors in the estate administration and/or distribution.


  • FREE FAMILY TREE CHECK – Send the hand-drawn tree, or your notes to Estate Research and we will check these free of charge*. This will help you to complete the new probate forms and distribute the estate with confidence. 

        *UK records only

  • FREE ADMINISTRATOR CHECK – We will check that your client, the proposed Administrator, is entitled to act.

  • INDEMNITY INSURANCE – We can help with a range of indemnities, from Missing Beneficiary and Missing Will insurance to early distribution insurance and empty property insurance to eliminate risk for you and your client.

Scenario: ‘I have no Administrator’

“We have four deputyship clients who have died this year. All died intestate, all with empty properties. We were paying for the empty property insurance but did not have any clients to take instructions from. We were on the verge of referring the cases to the Bona Vacantia and closing our files.”


Solution: Free Administrator Check

Are you missing out of the financial rewards of administering an estate by referring cases to the Government Legal Department? Would you prefer to locate next of kin and take the instruction? Estate Research can help!

  • FREE ADMINISTRATOR SEARCH – If you have an intestate estate with now known family, send the details to Estate Research and we will locate a member of the family, at no cost to your firm

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