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Written By: Solicitor Mum!
Edition: March 2019

Recently it was Valentine’s Day and normally flowers would be delivered to me at the firm, courtesy of Husband, which I proudly put on display and then take home. This year Husband suggested that we did not bother doing anything special for Valentine’s Day and I magnanimously agreed. However, as every woman knows, whilst I agreed to this, it does not mean that I was committed to the concept of not receiving a gift. However, this year no flowers or other gift arrived for me at work, so when I got home, I suggested Husband may wish to ring the florist to complain that his order had not been delivered. This suggestion was initially met with a blank look, then when the penny dropped, an eye roll.

However, the evening was not without incident. Husband was preparing a salad which was to include an avocado. From upstairs I heard a sharp yelp, followed by a torrent of foul language, normally heavily frowned upon; at least before the kids are in bed. I dashed down and found that a sharp knife had gone through the avocado, straight through his hand, whereby the knife stopped as it hit his bone. (I know; apologies, it turned my stomach as well.)

I grabbed the first aid kit and offered to drive him to the hospital or the walk in centre, but he refused to go on the basis that the finger was still attached, could be wiggled and he had apparently missed an artery. I managed to bandage it up, not pass out and keep the kids at bay, who were both clambering to see Daddy’s blood. The youngest asked what colour Daddy’s blood was, to my amusement.

I was at one point a first aider at the firm. However, after an unfortunate incident, the first aid kit was promptly removed from me and a colleague was (prematurely in my view) dispatched onto a course to replace me.

A colleague had arrived to work with an injury they had incurred at home, which had continued to bleed. It was obvious that they needed patching up and taking to the walk-in centre for some stitches or glue. I shouted from my office, ‘Can I have some help in here please?’. I am an avid follower of Holby City, a hospital-based drama and they do shout this in an emergency when they need help. Unfortunately for me, for reasons unknown, I added the words ‘from a real grown up’ onto the end of my question. It was unanimously decided that a person who did not associate as a real grown up should not be the first aider.