Michelle's Message

Michelle's Message

Written By: Michelle Taylor
Edition: July 2020

A different view…

This month, I was able to enjoy some long-awaited annual leave and swapped my normal dining room table view for a view of North Pennine dales and moors. 

It was a great tonic to stretch the legs, walk the dales and moorland, and just pause for a while to listen to nature. LawCare have released an article on the importance of taking time off this summer - read the article here!

Our minds have been full of so much number crunching with Covid-19, infection rates, total deaths and even our very own financial positions as we deal with the new word, furlough!

Taking a step back from the media, the pandemic and regrouping, is something we all need to do to manage our own mental health and to strategically think where we are going next…

In this very different normal, we have had to adapt to different ways of communicating.   Nottinghamshire Law Society was among the first local law societies to hold a virtual AGM.  Since then we have held several virtual Council meetings and Executive meetings.  The business wheels are always turning here at the Society.

At the beginning of July, I held my first virtual ‘Summer HR/Practice Managers’ meeting via Microsoft Teams.  It was great to see the friendly faces from Larken & Co, Elliot Mather LLP, Robert Barber Solicitors, Rotheras, Richard Nelson LLP, Quartz Barristers Chambers, Cartwright King and Nottingham Law School, with the virtual cup of tea and cream scone!

During that virtual meeting, we discovered how our member firms were experiencing business with the pandemic, managing furlough staff, and how working from home was turning out to be a plus, rather than a negative.

Over the summer, we will be looking at different ways to keep the Society moving forward.  Website re-design is our first major project, with some additional features of booking and payment facilities for courses and events online.

We will also be looking at various webinar programmes, to help support you as members.  We have already shared with our membership free webinars, courtesy of Estate Research Genealogy, specialising in Private Client topic areas.

The Society is working closely with The Law Society and will be giving our members an opportunity to join a webinar on Risk Management & Supervision in the Future, with Pearl Moses and Michelle Garlick.  Watch this space for more information.

If you have any suggestions about webinars or virtual events – please share them with me, drop me an email on michelle.taylor@nottslawsoc.org .

It’s time for us to begin that blue sky thinking on how we can still grow and provide for you, thinking outside the box, while we continue to face a future of uncertainty regarding social gatherings.

Summer is here, August will be great if the sun shines and we can step outdoors.  Have a fantastic summer and we look forward to seeing you either in person or virtually in Autumn.

Best wishes,

Michelle Taylor