It's Hello & Goodbye, Tik-Tok and Live Band performances from Hopkins Solicitors

It's Hello & Goodbye, Tik-Tok and Live Band performances from Hopkins Solicitors

Written By: Tammy Butler, Marketing Manager, Hopkins Solicitors
Edition: May 2020

We’ve now finished over 50 days of lockdown, and we are more than halfway through the original estimated 12 weeks. 

At this stage we are either feeling like we need some personal space and quiet time or are desperately missing human interaction. So make sure you’re checking in with not only your own family and friends, but also with your colleagues, those who’ve gone quiet might be the ones struggling the most.

But at the same time, at this stage, hopefully we’ve all become comfortable with our new WFH routine. Even if you don’t prefer it, it does make the day easier when you have a pattern to follow. Although I wish my brain would realise I don’t need to be up at 6am anymore!

Make sure you’re letting your teammates know about any new ways you’ve uncovered to become more productive or paperless, even silly little things can sometimes save, not only time, but tons of frustration. And most importantly, make sure you are taking time to find a reason to smile and laugh everyday – there is nothing better for relieving stress than a good laugh!

Here at Hopkins we would like to share with you the high's of our lockdown including live performances of Billy Joel; saying hello to new colleagues; goodbye to old ones and tik-tok!

Firstly the hello's, Hopkins have been growing in strength recently and we would like to welcome Lindsay Slater to our Personal Injury team and Ruth Pilling joins our conveyancing team as Legal Executive in Kirkby. 

We were sad to say goodbye to Amy Webb, Nicola Ford, William James and Suman Nahl.  The goodbye send-off was not what we planned due to Covid-19 but, we are grateful for their hard work and dedication they have given Hopkins Solicitors over the years.

Russell Jones, joined the Hopkins team in 2017 with over 35 years experience in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, little did we know that he also bought musical talent.  Russell's band '2 Down' has joined the many artists around the world by recording in their living rooms and sharing with the world on You Tube. 

Excellent video of 'What A Night' by Billy Joel including sign language" - watch the video here!

Some of our staff have taken to baking and competing in home-based competitions of the GBBO or even more culinary masterpieces with Masterchef. 

However, Marketing Manager, Tammy Butler has been using Tik-Tok to keep her fellow colleagues smiling. 

Enjoy this great tik-tok clip!