Mental Health Awareness - Useful links & Webinars

Mental Health Awareness - Useful links & Webinars

Written By: Michelle Taylor
Edition: May 2020

Mental Health Awareness week was 18-24 May, however every day we should be considering our mental health & well being, evermore during these  "unprecedented circumstances".

It is even more important that we #Bekind to ourselves as well as our loved ones!

‘Kindness’ has been chosen as this year’s theme and there have been so many demonstrations of kindness shown to people in the last few months.  If we mention Colonel Tom Moore, we instantly think of his kindness and determination to raise funds for the NHS, not to mention all the acts of kindness that are happening within our local communities as we seek to help those around us during lock down.


However, sometimes being kind to ourselves is a much harder task to undertake and as face uncertainty of what is going to happen to our work, freedom and health during Covid-19 we need to 

ensure we take a step back, breathe and focus on our own well being.

There are various websites available to help us with our useful resources and webinars, LawCare is an example.

LawCare have many useful links and webinars available on their website, here are a few we have identified that may be of use to you…

Wide Awake & Worried Calming an Overactive Mind for Better Sleep

Law is the second most sleep-deprived profession, according to a 2012 survey in America. In the UK, GPs see countless lawyers experiencing work-related stress, and it is known that stress can affect our sleep patterns.

This problem has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has left people across all industries with restless, anxious minds, often during the night. Stress management is the most important part of the puzzle for overall improved health, but targeting sleep specifically can also help you to manage the cycle of high stress and low sleep quality. Practising good sleep hygiene can help, but if it’s an overactive mind keeping you awake at night, you need a few strategies in place to help you turn off your worry. 

Staying Well, Working Well in the home office – Webinar

This LawCare webinar seeks to explore the challenges of WFH (Working From Home) since Covid-19 entered our lives. Overnight, working patterns have been upended with many legal staff now working from home or on furlough.

The physical and mental barrier between work and home is now blurred as we divide our day into work and life outside work with many other distractions around.

We have entered into a new relationship with ourselves, our families, friends and employers. How can we stay well and work well?

How to manage furlough

Many people working in the legal community have been furloughed over the past few weeks. Whilst some may be pleased to be paid to stay at home, others will struggle.

For many of us, especially legal professionals, our job is closely linked with our sense of our own identity, and losing our daily purpose all of a sudden can be a real shock to the system.

Here are some tips on how to manage this difficult period and stay positive.

Inns of Court respond to COVID-19 difficulties for pupils and junior barristers

The Inns of Court are conscious of the predicament in which many members of the Bar have been placed as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and are working urgently on a package of measures to assist those most in need.  These include:

(a)Participation in, and an immediate contribution towards, an emergency fund that is imminently being launched by the Barristers’ Benevolent Association to distribute funds to barristers in urgent need; and

(b)Hardship funds provided by each Inn, designed primarily to assist pupils and other junior barristers who are not eligible for either the Government assistance for the self-employed or for help from the BBA.

In addition, the Inns are taking measures to relieve hardship in relation to the rental obligations of Chambers on each Inn’s estate.

For more information visit: - Barristers Benevolent Association.

For more information and resources from LawCare - visit - Covid-19

Mental Health Foundation is encouraging us all to 'Take Action, Get Active 2020', whilst fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation.  The organisation are asking us to be active for 30 minutes a day, may include activities such as walking, running, cycling, yoga, gardening or even baking a cake!

Don't forget you can join the Coco-Chill 'Virtual Yoga' sessions every Wednesday evening, for details on how to enrol visit - Coco Chill - Online Yoga Sessions

For more interesting reads, visit The Law Society Gazette - Coronavirus Q&A: Junior Lawyers & Mental Health - 7th April 2020

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*The Law Society Gazette Article - 7th April 2020