Our President

Our President

Written By: Jason Waghorne
Edition: May 2020

When I became President, a little over 12 months ago, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my tenure would end as it has: in lockdown!

But while our physical freedoms may have been temporarily curtailed, the realities of lockdown life afford us new opportunities; time to pause, time to reflect. Time to plan for a future of regained liberties and a time to renew aspirations.

In the spirit of reflection, how would I summarise my time as President? Giving speeches, saying ‘a few words’, chairing Council meetings, shaking hands and eating canapes immediately spring to mind. There has been plenty of all of that, but that doesn’t say it all.

I have travelled to our friends in Karlsruhe and Ghent and have experienced both the over-consumption of asparagus as well as the pomp of legal openings. I have met lawyers from South America and in doing so have extolled, much against my better judgment, the virtues of mushy peas.

I have drunk Presidential ale, awarded cups, fired guns, worn chains, celebrated Women in Law, been photographed and processed to Parliament (in most part, these being mutually exclusive).

I have networked, entertained our sponsors, supported our universities, celebrated and saluted the youngest in our profession, written bulletin messages and travelled far and wide (well, Newark and Mansfield).

When I spoke at the AGM, I themed my speech around the concept of community; our community. As a leitmotif, I would return to it again as circumstances deemed fit. With the story arc of my Presidential year mostly complete, it seems appropriate to do so again.

All I have done in this past year pales into insignificance when compared with the joy of seeing the dedication and efforts of those I have met. Those who provide help and support for the Society as a whole. Those whose involvement is in taking part in the Society’s events. Those who support the Society by attending its courses and those who do any number of small things which allow the Society not just to exist, but to flourish.

With the AGM coming next month, another page of the Society’s history is turned; the next chapter is to be authored by my successor Philip Turton. Philip has been a great vice-President, and will no doubt lead the Society with great aplomb. All the best, Philip. I wish you every success.

My time as President draws to a close. To be your President for the past year has been a pleasure and an honour and, putting aside our current circumstances, I wouldn’t change a thing. I therefore look back on my Presidential year with pride, and a smile.

Best wishes,

Jason Waghorne

President 2019-2020