Our President

Our President

Written By: Jason Waghorne
Edition: March 2020

Hopefully you will all have seen the recent notice concerning how the effects of Covid-19 are impacting on the Society’s activities. While the notice was sent with a heavy heart, the Society does not stand apart from the wider community and it is vital that the Society plays its part in helping control the spread of the virus.

So far as we can tell this new reality may be with us for some time, so it is somewhat bitter-sweet to look back on the social events that I attended since my last bulletin message. It was not so long ago that shaking hands was the norm and the harsh realities of Covid-19 seemed so far away.

Before I attended the networking event jointly hosted by the Society and the Midland Asian Lawyers Association (“MALA”) I must confess, and openly admitted the same at the event (to jovial cries of reproach from District Judge Sunita Mason), that I was not particular cognisant of MALA, or what it strives to do. Happily, I quickly learnt of our common values: those of building relationships, fostering collaboration & promoting diversity, equality and inclusivity, all of which were on display during a very pleasant evening of networking at the Lace Market Hotel. I have little doubt that, when things get back on their feet, the Society and MALA will host further joint events. If you can go, I would recommend you do so.

Pictured (left to right):  Jason Waghorne, Sundeep Soor,

His Honour Judge Fayyaz Afzal OBE & Vito Giambalvo

District Judge Sunita Mason CBE & Tom Russell, KCH Garden Square

The Rt. Hon. Mr Justice Keehan & Rt. Hon. Mr Justice Knowles CBE

Co-Chair Equality & Diversity Committee, Lauren Crow with President Jason Waghorne, Sundeep Soor, Shama Gupta, Jabir Miah & Youseff Labib from Northamptonshire Law Society

Continuing our popular series of networking events within the Society, the past month saw events held in both Newark and Nottingham. As ever, the events thronged with talk between old and new acquaintances and, although the healthy option is always available, it seems to be the artery-hardening treats on offer which create the greatest shared bond between attendees. Regrettably, our planned Mansfield event has been a casualty of Covid-19, but all the networking events have proven popular and I’m sure that they will remain regular entries in the diary in the coming years. A silver lining, though: the social respite does give me the chance to diet a little; no more canapes for a while!

As part of the First 100 Years of Women in the law project, the Society took part in the project’s Global Photograph Day. The day built upon events of last year when the project photographed over 800 women in the legal profession at The Law Society of England and Wales in London and Cardiff, The Law Society of Scotland in Edinburgh, and The Law Society of Northern Ireland in Belfast. This year, with bolder aspirations, the project went both regional and global.

The project’s mission statement is “to ensure a strong and equal future for all women in the legal profession by raising awareness about their history and inspiring future generations of female lawyers” and it is quite a coup for Nottingham to be chosen as one of the venues to host the women and male allies who wished to have their photograph taken as part of the project. I would like to extend my thanks to all that put some time aside to come and mark the event.

For those of you who don’t know, I work at Rotheras’ Lace Market office which has prime views over St. Mary’s church. Sadly, the vista from my office is far more prosaic, enjoying as it does undisturbed views over the office bins. Still, I did get the opportunity to sample the church’s elegance when I was invited to process from The Galleries of Justice as part of the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire’s annual legal service. At the time, thoughts of Covid-19 were never too far from people’s minds, even if the then reality

was limited to trying to avoid shaking hands. Thankfully, for a time, the soaring choral music was a salve to our troubles.

How matters develop over the next few weeks is anybody’s guess, but I hope that you all manage to look after yourselves and look out for each other.

Best wishes,

      Jason Waghorne