Our President

Our President

Written By: Jason Waghorne
Edition: February 2020

I would like you all to cast your minds – back into the mists of time. Further. There we go. The more mentally nimble of you may recall those halcyon days, when wine and song flowed, and the air was cinnamon tinged.

While Christmas seems an age ago (and thankfully, an age away), December 2019 will no doubt last long in the memories of two Nottingham Law School attendees, Jack Stuart and Elinor Watts, who contested the final of the President’s Cup.

To briefly cover old ground, the President's Cup is an annual competition which tests the applicant’s negotiating skills. The competition is open to Nottinghamshire solicitors, barristers, trainee solicitors, pupil barristers, LPC students, BPTC students and paralegals with up to 5 years' experience.

All entrants put forward written submissions and it was clear that there had been a considerable exercising of grey matter among the hopefuls. Their efforts were laudable, but the field had to be narrowed, and Jack and Elinor scored the highest.

It was my first experience of the President’s Cup and I was immediately struck how comprehensively Jack and Elinor had prepared. While their styles were different, each fully understood their brief, acted professionally and put forward some compelling arguments. Without wishing to fall into condescension, the standard demonstrated by both Jack and Elinor belied their experience.

With an article already having appeared in the last bulletin I am not betraying any confidences by saying Jack won; the plaudits were richly earned. However, I would also like to commend Elinor on pushing Jack all the way. It was certainly a tricky one to call until the last.

So, 2020 is here and the year stretches out before us. For all of us there will be ups and downs in some form or other. I hope your ups are many and your downs are few and far between.

Best wishes,

      Jason Waghorne