Our President

Our President

Written By: Jason Waghorne
Edition: December 2019

Hot on the heels of the recent Trainee and Pupil Barrister Reception, it was the turn of Nottingham’s Newly Qualified Solicitors and Barristers to be in the spotlight. As before, the event was held at Mem Saab so that the attendees could eat while networking with their peers.

Although the tendency can be to stay and chat with friends and colleagues, it was heartening to see so many mixing with other firms, albeit that the conversation was punctuated with regular mouthfuls of the canapes on offer.

For those that went it was an event which marked another milestone in their careers. Just a couple of years ago they would have been celebrating their newly acquired training contracts and pupillages. Now, with the past to years under their belt, their career can finally take flight.

On behalf of all at the Society I would like to wish them congratulations and all the very best for their future careers. On the showing of that evening alone I have no doubt that the future of the profession in Nottinghamshire is in safe (and exciting) hands.

Without wishing to sound too humbug, Christmas in the Waghorne household can’t start until 2nd December. It is for purely selfish reasons, as my birthday on the 1st can often be hijacked by Christmas festivities!

It was therefore with some joy that the Society’s Christmas drinks, slotting neatly into my own self-imposed timetable, kicked the Christmas celebrations off with a bang on the 3rd. Impeccably organised by Michelle (as always), The Alchemist played host to a very enjoyable evening of food, wine and cocktails.

There was a tangible sense of people gearing up for Christmas, while letting their hair down; all seemed to be on good form. All that was missing was the big man himself. Perhaps next year Philip Turton can don a red suit, pop on a fake beard and consume his body weight in mince pies and sherry!

Some of you may recall in previous Bulletin messages that I have mentioned the ‘rogues gallery’ that is the Presidential wall at the Society’s offices and The Hub on Friar Lane.

I have attended many meetings at the Hub, all of which are held under the watchful gaze of the Society’s past Presidents. It was therefore a great pleasure and honour to be invited to the annual Past President’s Lunch in the Long Room at Trent Bridge. It meant that I could finally meet the people behind the photos.

Sitting in order of Presidential year, it was wonderful to see so many faces there, though the passage of time has meant that in the past year we have lost a couple of past Presidents (Stewart Pattinson & Roger Godfrey).

Sitting between last year’s President Laura Pinkney and Derek Richards who was President of the Society in 1975, I had a great time though it was a little peculiar to think that when Derek was President I was not long out of nappies!

While I could feel sorry for Laura having to sit next to me every year for the rest of her days, I am cheered by the thought that it goes some way to getting my own back for the contents of her speech at the event. Laura, as kind that your words were, I would like to put on record the correction that I don’t wear the Presidential chain around the office!

Well, the close of 2019 is nearly upon us; have a wonderful Christmas. I’ll raise a glass to 2020 in the hope that it is a great year for us all.

Best wishes,

      Jason Waghorne