Michelle's Message

Written By: Michelle Taylor
Edition: July 2019

Last month my article was based on how NLS was spreading its wings with international exchange programmes, visitors and even the City welcoming World Cup Cricket.

This month we stepped outside of Nottingham again and visited The Law Society at Chancery Lane.   This was my first visit to the auspicious building, and I was truly in awe of its architecture and history.

Honorary Secretary Shama Gupta and I were attending the Presidents & Secretaries Conference, it was very informative on many levels and most importantly, hearing how the new SQE qualifications will be implemented in 2021, but also, to hear how other local law societies are retaining and engaging with their membership.

There was a #proud moment when I realised here at NLS we have a great medium of communication with our members and support at events, we are also growing and thriving with energy in Council, sub-committees and Junior Lawyer Divisions.

There was another #proud moment too, when we walked through the main entrance at Chancery Lane, as the first picture that greeted me was our very own Lauren Crow, from MJC Law.  Lauren won Junior Lawyer of the Year 2018 at The Law Society Excellence Awards. It is very good to see our members being recognised.

Spreading our networking wings across Nottinghamshire continued with our joint Summer Social @ Stratstone with the ICAEW and the CIOT East Midlands Division.  Meeting fellow professionals from different areas of business and disciplines helps us build on working relationships and grow our own experience. 

We are also pleased to announce that through the support of our kind sponsors and prize donations, we raised £423 for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance together we were #makingadifference and helping the vital 24/7 that service this specialised medical crew provide for our counties.

The pictures I have chosen to share with you on this event, capture the warmth the friendship and a little glamour as I pose in the latest  Range Rover Velar!

    To view gallery of photos click here.

This week has seen NLS rocking the BBC Radio Nottingham air waves as I was a guest on the Mark Dennison show.  We discussed topics related to our Major Oak, equality & diversity education in local schools and NLS's involvement with Women in Law and its female presidents since 1875.

Finally, this week saw our successful networking lunch in Newark, with over 40 attendees from Grantham, Lincoln, Newark and Nottingham, we can certainly say this was spreading our NLS wings across Nottinghamshire at its best!

All that leaves me to say, is enjoy the summer and we hope to see you at our annual Beer Festival in September!

Best wishes,