Latest News Updates from The Law Society

Latest News Updates from The Law Society

Written By: The Law Society
Written: 10th Sep 2021

Latest News Updates

Become a Solicitor Judge:

The Law Society of England & Wales has been advocating for the appointment of more solicitors to the bench, and for improving diversity in the judiciary overall. We work with a range of stakeholders to improve efforts to increase judicial diversity and ensure the judiciary reflects the society in which it operates. We also support our members who are interested in judicial appointments using a range of schemes and activities and work to increase the awareness amongst solicitors for the various paths into the judiciary and what they need to do to prepare for judicial applications.
Our main support schemes for solicitors interested in a judicial career are through The Solicitor Judges Division (SJD), our judicial interviews workshop and the ‘Becoming a Judge’ scheme for ethnic minority solicitors. We also have a ‘judicial careers’ section on our webpage with various resources, toolkits and updates on judicial appointments, including a ‘case studies’ section with testimonials of sitting solicitor judges. Our aim is to (1) increase the number of solicitors who become judges; and (2) encourage solicitors from diverse backgrounds and with varied experience to apply for judicial posts. We have focussed on providing career-enhancing events, materials and networking opportunities, and in response to the coronavirus pandemic have transformed most of our activities to take place remotely using a range of tools. If you would like to hear more about our activities please feel free to contact your main contact in the Membership Engagement & Services team, email or visit our webpage.


14 - 30 September - Diversity and inclusion conference September 2021

21 September & 22 September - Anti-money Laundering and Financial Crime Online Conference

23 September - SQE – what do sole and small firm practitioners need to know

29 September - Risk and Compliance: Owning up to mistakes - spotlight on complaints handling

5 – 7 October - National Property Law Conference 2021  

12 October - Driving social mobility change in the profession: social mobility data - what to ask, how to get good return rates, and how to analyse

New Lord Chancellor takes over at pivotal time for the justice system - 16 September 2021
New bill must not undermine access to justice - 13 September 2021
New bill still leaves leaseholders facing cladding crisis - 9 September 2021
Most vulnerable should be key consideration in any changes to most important legal document - 9 September 2021
Fixing costs would blow a hole in access to justice - 8 September 2021
SQE: Landmark new route to qualifying as solicitor launches - 1 September 2021
Afghans at risk urgently need viable UK visa and asylum process - 20 August 2021
Law Society presidential election result in - Nick Emmerson elected for Deputy Vice President - 19 August 2021
Legal professionals in Afghanistan must be given safe passage to and settlement in the UK - 18 August 2021
Tenacious aspiring solicitors awarded coveted scholarship - 18 August 2021
SQE: qualifying work experience will offer trainees greater flexibility - 17 August 2021
Probate fee increase triggers call for feedback from solicitors - 16 August 2021

Parliamentary Report - Friday 18 June 2021

Read the latest Parliamentary Report from The Law Society hereParliamentary Report - 18 June 2021

Report includes:

  1. Law Society recommendation highlighted in Leasehold Reform Bill debate.
  2. Law Society referenced in Lord's debate on Professional Qualifications Bill.
  3. Remote hearing provisions in Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill debated.
  4. MP debate Mental Health Act White Paper.
  5. Director of Public Prosecutions questioned by MPs.

The Law Society Council Reports

Chief Executive's Report to Council - Part 1 - 23rd March 2021

Chief Executive's Report to Council - Strategic Insight & Influence - 23rd March 2021

Council Summary 23rd March 2021

Nottinghamshire Law Society's Representative on The Law Society Council is Shama Gupta.