John Pearce Charity Quiz 2020

John Pearce Charity Quiz 2020

Written By: Michelle Taylor
Written: 3rd Mar 2020

Pencils were sharpened, research on general knowledge, music, trivia, food & drink - the teams were all prepared at for the annual John Pearce Charity Quizheld at the Southbank Bar, Friar Lane, Nottingham on Tuesday 3rd March.

The Mount Weazels 2019 Quiz Champions are 2020 Quiz Masters!

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the team at the Southbank Bar for providing an excellent venue, fabulous service and a fantastic array of food, as well donating an amazing raffle prize!

The evening begins, with the 2019 Quiz winners, The Mountweazels from University of Nottingham School of Lawpitching the questions to the teams in attendance.  Quiz Master, Peter Cartwright shared the questions from 7 sections including music, geography, food & drink, history, general knowledge, sport and the traditional picture quiz.

The evening was fully supported by competitors joining in with a charity raffle for Prostate Cancer, with amazing prizes donated by Keishi Jewellery,  Smith, Paul Smith, MemSaab, Mrs B's catering services, and Token House.  The charity raffle raised £695 for Prostate Cancer.  The winning 2020 team, are to choose the charity for 2021!

There were teams represented from Bhatia Best, Browne Jacobson, Brown Shipley, Cartwright King, Cleggs Solicitors, Crown Prosecution Service, Freeths LLP, MacLaren Warner, MJC Law, Marketing Lawyers, Nelsons Solicitors, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham Law School, Old Nottinghamians' Society, Quality Solicitors Yates & Co, Richard Nelson LLP, Robert Barber Solicitors, Rotheras, Rupert Bear Murray Davies, Shakespeare Martineau, Sills & Betteridge, University of Law, VHS Fletchers and 1 High Pavement.

The quiz came to a 'tie-break' finish between two teams, Nottingham Law School 'NTU Academics' and the Old Nottinghamians' Society.  After a rendition of identifying the song lyrics, the winners were announced as the Old Nottinghamians!

Tie break hand-shake with NLS NTU Academics 'v' ON Society

John Pearce presents the trophy to the Old Nottinghamians' Society - Philip Turton

The Winning Team - Old Nottinghamians' Society & John Pearce

Full gallery of photographs of teams in attendance and the teams placings available here:

Place Firm Team Name
1. Old Nottinghamians' Society Old Nottinghamians'
2. Nottingham Law School NTU Academics
3. Freeths LLP Firestarters
4. 1 High Pavement 1 High Pavement Reds
5. Sills & Betteridge Sills A
5. Nottinghamshire County Council DNACPR
6. Nottingham Law School Goats on Trees
6. Rupert Bear Murray Davies Rupert's Shy Teds
7. Cartwright King Coconut Ring Crew
7. University of Law Ulaw'll be crying when we win...
8. Brown Shipley The Quintendors
8. Nelsons Solicitors Nelsons Coppins
8. Robert Barber Solicitors Robert Barber Team 4
8. VHS Fletchers The Mitigation Five
9. Browne Jacobson Everyone Loves BJs
9. Browne Jacobson Pottery for Life!
9. Cartwright King The Pod Squad
9. Nottinghamshire County Council Pentagon of Power
9. University of Law The Reasonable People
10. Sills & Betteridge Sills 1
11. Cleggs Solicitors The Clever Cleggs
11. Crown Prosecution Service On Tuesdays we wear pink!
12. Richard Nelson LLP Can't Win Them All...
12. 1 High Pavement 1 High Pavement Blues
13. Bhatia Best Bhatia Best Crime
14. Richard Nelson LLP Pod Mates
14. Robert Barber Solicitors Robert Barber Team 1
14. Robert Barber Solicitors Robert Barber Team 2
15. Shakespeare Martineau Wendy's Angels
16. Browne Jacobson We've got 99 problems and this quiz is one of them...
16. MJC Law MJC Law
17. Cartwright King Cartwright King
17. MacLaren Warner Clueless
17. Rotheras Rotheras 1
18. Rotheras  Rotheras 2
19. QualitySolicitors Yates & Co Win or Booze
20. Robert Barber Solicitors  Robert Barber Team 3
21. QualitySolicitors Yates & Co Bottoms Up

Photo Gallery:

The Clever Cleggs

Brown Shipley 'The Quintendors'

MacLaren Warner 'Clueless'

On Tuesdays we wear Pink - CPS

Bhatia Best Crime


Rotheras 1

Rotheras 2

Representing Marketing Lawyers

Robert Barber Solicitors Team 1

Robert Barber Solicitors Team 3

1 High Pavement Reds

QualitySolicitors Yates & Co

QualitySolicitors Yates & Co 

1 High Pavement Blues

Cartwright King Teams

Quiz Master Peter Cartwright

John Pearce

Nottinghamshire County Council Teams

DNACPR & Pentagon of Power

Southbank Bar fully quizzed out!

Charity Raffle Prizes Ready!