Past Presidents' Lunch - December 2019

Past Presidents' Lunch - December 2019

Written By: Michelle Taylor
Written: 9th Dec 2019

It is tradition that every first Friday in December, the past Presidents' of Nottinghamshire Law Society meet for lunch in the Long Room at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground and, Friday 6th December was the annual meet of 22 presidents.

The sun was shining over the ground on the crisp December day and one by one all the past Presidents' gathered for a Christmas feast.  There were Presidents from the 70's, 80's, 90's and the 00's, beginning with Derek Richards (1975).  It is the role of the current Past President, Laura Pinkney  to host the lunch and share her memories of her year as President (2018-2019).  Laura also introduced the  current President, Jason Waghorne.

A toast was given to two past Presidents' who had sadly passed away this year, Stewart Pattinson (1976) and Roger Godfrey (1987).  Stories were shared around the table of how the legal world and offices were 'back in the day' and much laughter.

Nottinghamshire Law Society is very rich with it's history, for those that visit our offices you will see the wonderful 'Wall of Fame' where all 144 presidents' are displayed beginning from 1875 to 2019! 

Here are a few pictures of the lunch...

The view from the Long Room - Trent Bridge Cricket Ground...

Nottinghamshire's cricket history fills the walls in the Long Room...

From left to right: Martin Gotheridge, Kathryn Meir, Susanna Whysall, Peter Jacks & Chris Hodson

Martin Gotheridge & John Britten

Deborah Hutchinson, Jeremy Ware & Derek Richards

From left to right: Chris Hodson, Richard Nelson, Paul Balen & David Payne

David Payne & John Britten

Laura Pinkney & Jason Waghorne 

Kathryn Meir & Christine Doughty

Laura Pinkney & Jason Waghorne

Kathryn Meir, Laura Pinkney, Jason Waghorne & Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor & Jason Waghorne