Professional Entry Scheme Pilot - Feedback

Written By: John Campbell
Written: 6th Nov 2019

Professional Entry Scheme Pilot - we welcome your feedback

Following the success of the HM Courts & Tribunal Service (HMCTS) Professional Entry Scheme pilot in 2018/19, in which the Canal Street Courts in Nottingham participated, the scheme has now been extended to a further 5 court centres, bringing the current total to 25.  The government announced in May 2019 that the scheme will now be rolled out nationally and will cover the vast majority of court centres by mid-2020.

Barristers and Solicitors are able to gain entry to court buildings without a security search upon presentation of a photo ID issued by the Bar Council and Law Society respectively.  Work is ongoing with other legal associations to expand the scope of the scheme in due course. 

Further details can be found here:

I would encourage all regular court users to register with their relevant professional body in preparation for the change.  Electronic ID cards can be used immediately in any of the 25 court centres currently participating and, as the scheme expands, will hopefully ensure speedier entry for legal professionals into court buildings across the country.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback during the pilot scheme.

John Campbell – Civil Bar Representative