Notttinghamshire Law Society Cricket Match - Solicitors 'v' Barristers 2021

Notttinghamshire Law Society Cricket Match - Solicitors 'v' Barristers 2021

Written By: Michelle Foster
Written: 12th Aug 2021

After 6 years of absence the battle of cricket greatness between the Solicitors and Barristers of Nottinghamshire Law Society was re-ignited at the Regatta Way Cricket Ground on Wednesday 11th August 2021.

Nearly all team members were present but thanks to some late substitutions, we were good to go.

Solicitors Team 2021

Captain - Kassra Powles

Barristers Team 2021

Captain - Luc Chignell

Under the watchful eye of the umpires and Naomi De Silva, team captains Luc Chignell (Barristers) and Kassra Powles (Solicitors) the tossing of the coin took place and the Solicitors won, requesting to bat first.  However, due to players being delayed in traffic it seemed only fair for the Barristers to bat first to allow the game to start before the light dimmed.

The clouds were gathering and light dimming, we needed to decide if this was going to be a 20 over game or less. 

Barristers opened the batting and, not long into the game we faced our first ham-string injury with Michael Cranmer Brown.   Half way through the barristers batting, the umpires took the decision to limit play to 14 overs, all of a sudden, the batting was getting intense for the barristers to set a challenging score for the Solicitors team.

Batting continued, with a few retiring at 25.  It was time to change over with the scores on the wall representing 129 at 14 overs.  It was now time for the Solicitors to step up to the challenge.  Opening the batting for the Solicitors team was Martin Foulds and Tom Lyas, both giving an excellent game and retiring after 25.  Light was diminishing and as the sunset set among the clouds, the cricket ground took on a different depth of intensity as the runs and wides were totalled by Kassra Powles.,  

Eventually, time and overs were running out and a serious catch up  of runs from the Solicitors team was needed.

Digging in deep with quick runs and only a few wickets left the margin between the two teams was shrinking but, not enough to challenge the cup from the Barristers clutches.

As we came to the last over, only an extra 2 runs were made, leaving the Solicitors team 1 run under.

The Barristers remain the champions of the trophy, since their first win in 2016.

Trophy presentation was made by Kassra Powles to Barristers team Captain Luc Chignell, along with a jubilant cheer.  The evening concluded with the traditional cricket tea, kindly made by Naomi De Silva.

We would like to thank Luc Chignell & Kassra Powles for putting together great teams for a very competitive game of cricket, also thanks to Naomi De Silva for producing an excellent after match tea, which was well appreciated and finally thank you to the umpires for their time, not forgetting to mention the excellent facilities of Gedling and Sherwood Cricket Club.

Team players for this years match are as follows:

Solicitors Team 2021 Barristers Team 2021
Captain - Kassra Powles Captain - Luc Chignell
Aaron Singh Fergus Malone
Alastair Rose Jack McCracken
Ben Shellard James Bide-Thomas
George Neville Jonathan Cox
John Hooper Jon Dee
Lorna Trimble Karl Vos
Martin Foulds Michael Cranmer-Brown
Shiv Nand Raglan Ashton
Tom Lyas Richard Thatcher
Vikky Lai Tom Welshman